Everything looks perfect from far away… but I’m sure this stinks from space

Just when you thought the Hun could not best itself in contributing meaningfully and intelligently to the public debate, they asked Gary Ablett to discuss the problem of decaying moral standards in the community.

I know that when I want moral, spiritual, political, or life advice, I always turn to my local neighbourhood crack fiend ex-footballer.

In fairness to him, he notes Proverbs at the outset: ‘He who answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame to him.’  In that spirit, we should judge Ablett on the basis of his words and not his former actions.

I believe without a doubt that our nation is in crisis and is in its current predicament because we have deliberately disconnected ourselves from our Christian heritage and history. We are a nation that was originally founded upon the word of God and established on the authority of biblical truth. Our political system, our judicial system and most of our schools and hospitals were begun by godly men and women who based their lives and work on godly principles. — Gary Ablett


There is a sad lack of diversity in the debate of social cohesion.  The left denies that there is a problem: culture is the creation of the ruling class to oppress the minority by reinforcing the hegemony.  This means there is very little opposition to the populist, radical right who want to fill the culture void with low-brow, aggressive, pub talk. Continue reading “Everything looks perfect from far away… but I’m sure this stinks from space”