Quick Post: Reply to @TeamOyeniyi

Hey Robyn,

Sorry for using the dreaded ‘open letter’ format (which I’m still trying to master, so please excuse any infelicities), but I needed vastly more space than Twitter was going to allow.

The puzzle relates to how you frame an argument against the idea of intersectionality with regard to white privilege.  At the outset, I’m not a feminist and I’m not even going to say that you’re wrong.  But I thought I’d use your post as a springboard to create an argument that, from my extremely limited perspective, you might find useful.

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She said I’m going use my teeth and my claws… An open letter to @marrowing

Dear Eleanor,

How are you?  If you are well, then I am also well.

Congratulations on your excellent article in The Guardian on intersectionality.  It was a joy to read and, at the very least, has stirred up an interesting conversation.

This has been an open letter a few weeks in the making.  Indeed, the first outline started shortly after drinks here in Canberra.  As it seemed that I’d disturbed Adam somewhat with an open letter to him, I figured I’d be more careful in the composition of this one.  Despite the failure of that one to hit its mark, I still think that the format can be used for the powers of good.

After a few rounds of thought, your article in The Guardian — or, rather, the comments you received in response — inspired a bit more thinking about the question of academic feminism and the prevailing attitude in society that feminism is something that is supposed to be easy.

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