Those evil-natured robots, they’re programmed to destroy us… Don’t worry about policies for #ausvotes

The compulsory voting argument cropped up again last week, playing out in its usual way.  One group of people arguing that ignorant people are ruining democracy by voting even if they don’t know enough or care enough; the other group of people arguing something about democracy and duty and collectivism or something.  Both sides are wrong: compulsory voting is good because the people who reckon they’re informed voters are the worst voters of all and need to be kept in check by the people who know that they don’t know anything.

And this gets me neatly to the core argument of this post: stop talking about policies during election periods.

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This town ain’t big enough for the both of us… Looking at minor parties

For complex mathematical reasons, it’s easier for minor parties to get elected during a double dissolution.  Ordinarily, that would mean we’d be flooded with information about the minor parties and for what they stand and why you might consider voting for them.  Instead, we’ve been talking about which of the major parties is the most criminal.  It’s not particularly edifying.

I had considered putting up a Kickstarter or something to fund me to go interview key people in minor parties, to see what they’re about, and to see if they’d put up good senators.  But I am time poor and really ought to have organised myself a month earlier.

So I’m doing the suboptimal version: one by one, over the course of several posts, looking at their policies until I’ve found a party for which I’d vote.  I’m going to go through the current list of registered parties in alphabetical order.  Wish me luck.

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