Who are you to me? Who am I supposed to be?… A belated Four Lions #review

Four Lions
Four Lions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding humour in uncomfortable topics has a long history. Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, for example, cracks the absurdity of the fascist mindset. Four Lions — a 2010 British film, written by Chris Morris and the two guys behind Peep Show — plays with the idea of terrorist cells.

Omar and Waj are Pakistani-Britons who — for reasons that are not entirely clear — have become radicalised. They’ve formed their own terrorist cell along with another Pakistani-Briton, Faisal, and a borderline insane white convert, Barry. Omar is desperate to be taken seriously. When they’re making little home movies about the evils of imperialism and consumerism, Omar finds that his friends aren’t quite as sharp as he is. Waj wants to look intimidating, so he hods a small toy gun while issuing threats to the West, for example. Barry gives advice on how to swallow SIM cards so the government can’t trace them.

Omar and Waj are invited to attend a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, but things go badly when Omar tries to fire a rocket at a US drone but instead ends up firing it backwards into the jihadists. Omar and Waj flee back to the UK. Desperate to save face, Omar decides to take their terrorist cell to the next level: they will build a bomb and set it off somewhere in England.

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