Switch on the TV. We may pick him up on Channel Two… Lessons unlearned in the election campaign

By all accounts, Tony Abbott’s appearance on the 7:30 Report was a disaster.  While many people saw it as a failure of Abbott to understand technomancy, I saw it more as a failure of communication.  It seems to be a repeated problem for the last few years.

The ETS died a horrible death because few people bothered to explain it in terms which engaged the public.  This caused two problems ripe for exploitation by the vandals of the upper house.

1) There was space for the argument that the world wasn’t warming, thus change was unnecessary.

2) There was space for the argument that the ETS would have been ineffective.

After the various mutinies of the parties, the Coalition exploited (1) and the Greens exploited (2).  Neither, by the way, were true.  The ETS was designed not to shock the system (the ‘It pays big polluters’ argument) and was designed to give the government a lever with regard to emissions (because (1) is obviously false). Continue reading


We call upon the author to explain… and, egads, we got an answer

Back in ye olde post about the Australian Sex Party’s policies, I noted that one of the policies was to overturn restrictions on aid to overseas family planning organisations that reference abortion and remarked that I understood that they had already been overturned.  Given that it was odd that a policy would exist to overturn something that had already been overturned, I decided to write an e-mail to them to ask if my understanding was incorrect.

This is a big deal, by the way, because I generally worry about people who write to political parties.  They’re even worse than the people who write to the newspapers.  ‘You should write to the Prime Minister’ is never uttered by a reasonable and rational person.

What was even weirder was that instead of the ‘Thank you for your letter.  Your letter is important to us.  We have taken note of your letter.  Here is a link to our website.  Good day’ response I was expecting, I got some answers.  It was even more awesome because I admitted in the e-mail that I couldn’t vote for them (no candidates in the ACT) and that I was probably the exact opposite of their target demographic.

I also asked if I could put the answers up, so here they are: Continue reading