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You’ve got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat… How should you vote based on the party’s handshake?

This week, the Greens and the Labor Party released photographic evidence of the Liberal Party shaking hands with both of them.

Here’s the Liberal Party shaking hands with the Greens Party (photo supplied by the ALP):


And here’s the Liberal Party shaking hands with the Labor Party (photo supplied by the Greens):


Based on their handshake, for which party should you vote?

The Greens’ handshake looks kind of flimsy and inexpert.  Look at the way the Greens refuse to grip the hand confidently and firmly.  The thumb is extended upwards, rather than curving back to form the seal of trust around the hand being offered by the Liberal Party.  This is not a good handshake.

The ALP handshake, on the other hand, looks firm and solid.  We might ask what’s up with the index finger not making it all the way around the hand.  Perhaps this is some sort of secret handshake that are so common among the secretive factions of the unions.

The Liberal Party has, of course, gone for the traditional grip for both handshakes.  Having to do so many handshakes, it is not surprising that the Liberal Party has the best technique.  If ‘can give a good handshake’ was a high priority on your responses to the ABC Vote Compass thing, then you should clearly vote for the Liberal Party.  Also, if you want a party that can collaborate with a wide variety of stakeholders, it’s clear that the Liberal Party is for you.

I guess the strangest part about the two advertising campaigns is that this is a real photograph:


2 responses to “You’ve got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat… How should you vote based on the party’s handshake?”

  1. João , nós do 3º ano adoramos o seu texto !!!Você é uma criança muito inteligente, educada e sÃtioa.Acredi¡ambs no seu potencial.Estou orgulhosa de você, continue sempre assim.Beijos !Profª Valéria.

  2. Senator Orrin Hatch in an interview today at noon on ABC News when he was questioned about the military getting paid “its the principle of the thing.”Basically what it involves is posturing by American politicians who are busy waving their epeens around.

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