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Quick Post: Just in case you weren’t convinced the Green’s use of Gough was wrong…

There is an ongoing discussion in Australian politics about the appropriateness of the Greens Party using an image of the recently deceased Gough Whitlam for their political advertising.

I could enter the fray with a lengthy essay on the nature of political eulogy and why I find it deeply distressing when we try to clothe contemporary political debates in the skin of the recently deceased.  I could explain why a person’s death is the perfect time to put away the melee weapons and instead reflect on their dignity, humanity, and depth.  I could lament that we live in such a toxic political environment that a person can’t even die to escape the mudslinging that they endured in life.

By why do any of that when a simple image will suffice?  For those who thought the Greens’ use of Gough for a political campaign was appropriate, I submit the following:



2 responses to “Quick Post: Just in case you weren’t convinced the Green’s use of Gough was wrong…”

  1. except the greens also broadly support tariff deregulation… Isn’t the broader point that some degree of social democracy plus a ‘natural’ market is now accepted by everyone?

    • It’s not really a question — I think — of whether or not this or that party agrees with this or that aspect of Gough’s Program. The bigger question is whether or not we should be skinning him like the Nemean Lion and wearing him into battle against our political opponents.

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