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Quickpost: On @GetUp’s video of Abbott quotes #auspol #ausvotes

A number of my friends linked to this video this morning:

For the TL;DR crowd, GetUp has found a collection of Tony Abbott‘s more obnoxious quotes and filmed a diverse group of people reading them out to the sound of a slowly played piano.  The message is that people should judge Tony Abbott by his words.

Leaving to the side that I dislike GetUp, this video shows that there’s something wrong with the Left’s strategy in this election campaign.

Who is the target audience for the video?  Ideally, you would want to have a campaign to target people who sit in the ‘swinging voter’ category.  The target audience should come to the end of the video and think: ‘Holy frijoles, I couldn’t possibly vote for Abbott.’

Instead, GetUp’s video seems to target people who already wouldn’t vote for Abbott.  All the hip young things, the crusty old greenies, and the diversity friends are already voting for the Greens or ALP.  They don’t need to be convinced that Abbott is a moron.  They already know.

Compare this with the ‘Who’s Next’ video backed by the Australian Salary Packaging Industry Association.

The video clearly targets people who could be swayed one way or the other.  It’s similar to the anti mining tax campaign which suggested that everybody was going to be affected indirectly, even if they weren’t affected directly.  It’s easy to imagine the rebuttal: ‘I’m sick of people getting handouts from the government to which they’re not entitled; why are taxpayers paying for the wealthy to rort FBT?’

But the rebuttal to the GetUp video is decidedly different: ‘So what if Abbott says things that are offensive to people who are already not going to vote for Abbott?’

This is what makes the election campaign so thoroughly painful.  The anti-Abbott crowd simply don’t know how to talk to the rest of us who sit in the swinging voter mush.  Because they’re not talking to us or including us in the conversation, they’ve abandoned swinging voters to the anti-ALP special interest groups.

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