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Girl, you’ll be a woman soon… a list of the unmeritable women in the LNP

In response, it seems, to the ‘Gender Wars’ discussion in Australia, there have been some interesting comments made about women in politics.  EMILY’s List is bad because it means women aren’t promoted to ministerial positions based on merit, unlike in the LNP

So here are all the women of the Liberal Party who, according to Julie Bishop, have insufficient merit to warrant a ministerial position.

Karen Andrews

Teresa Gambaro

Joanna Gash

Nola Marino

Louise Markus

Judi Moylan

Kelly O’Dwyer

Jane Prentice

Dr Sharman Stone

Senator Sue Boyce

Senator Michaela Cash

Senator Helen Kroger

Senator Anne Ruston

For more commentary, check out The Town Square podcast on gender quotas.  People are throwing around the word ‘merit’ without explaining what they mean.  If the Liberal Party really does think it promotes on merit, it has to explain why it has a disproportionately high number of women devoid of merit.

Out of the 19 in both Houses, there are six Liberal women in the shadow ministry (two shadow cabinet, four outer).  No National Party women are in ministerial positions.

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