Only The Sangfroid

Mark is of fair average intelligence, who is neither perverse, nor morbid or suspicious of mind, nor avid for scandal. He does live in an ivory tower.

These are his draft thoughts…

If George Lucas wrote #Respill of the Jedi (#Kevenge of the Sith?)… #auspol

The tyre on my car was slashed last night.  Thus, you get my PhotoChopping…

The first version had Rudd come back as Planet Rudd, only to be destroyed by the Death Star/Cabinet.  The thought, alas, was too plausible and so I had to change it lest the reader be overcome with a haunting sadness.

Despite being on the other side of politics, I am looking forward to Monday’s RuddLetting.  This is because I’m a mean and horrible conservative who delights in Schadenfreude.  Very quietly, I would like to see Senator Wong as our Foreign Minister — and not only because I think Finance is a poor man’s Treasury portfolio (Swan will never give that one up).

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Abbott.  The weeping sore of the ALP helped to create an environment in which Abbott’s style of politics — populist, vulgar, anti-conservative — was able to thrive.  A better government has to result in a better opposition… I hope.

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