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It really didn’t make sense to leave this unresolved… Nerdcrap to enjoy in 2011

There’s a list of films ‘to look out for’ in 2011 over at

Let’s face it: the future is bleak.

Fortunately, video games are here to save the day (hooray

LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars will probably be a few hours of childish entertainment.  I really enjoyed LEGO Star Wars: Complete Series even if a few levels were frustratingly riddled with glitches.  LEGO Batman was a massive disappointment (fortunately, I got it for free).  In fairness to LEGO Batman, I played it while playing Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Nothing was going to look good next to Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Speaking of which, Batman: Arkham City is due out in 2011.  This will either be the highlight for video games in 2011 or the most crushing disappointment.

But the game I’m most eagerly anticipating is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  While some people complain that there’s nothing original to explore in these games, I enjoy seeing what novelty can be mined within an existing concept.  It’s why I like Greek theatre.  No original stories: just original things done with the stories.

While some people might be out enjoying the terribly original Twilight films, I’ll be whiling away my insomniac hours playing Batman and Zelda in 2011.  Hooray.

3 responses to “It really didn’t make sense to leave this unresolved… Nerdcrap to enjoy in 2011”

  1. I’m interested in (and scared of) the new Sinbad movie. Harryhausen* was amazing, so I’d like to see how much of a ‘tribute’ the film is.

    *Nerdshit braggery – I got to meet him once when he came out here and he signed a poster for me. It was AWESOME.

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