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Mark is of fair average intelligence, who is neither perverse, nor morbid or suspicious of mind, nor avid for scandal. He does live in an ivory tower.

These are his draft thoughts…

Riding my moped looking for fun… there was supposed to be another nerdshit post here

I bought a large parcel of nerdshit from Amazon including — and hold on to your hats everybody — the Daria box set.  Oh yeah.  It also included the very worst version of Beowulf ever produced, a few books, and some cult television shows.

Usually, I just use the normal mail.  It goes to the local post office which is a short walk from work and I pick it up.  It tends to take about a fortnight.

This time, I thought: ‘Ooooh, for a bit more cash, I could get it sent express.’  Amazon sends the parcel through DHL, it arrives in a few days, and the courier gets my signature when they deliver the parcel.

Except it doesn’t work like that at all.  Apparently, Amazon have authorised DHL to deliver the parcel without a signature.  So instead of delivering the parcel to me, they left it somewhere near my apartment.

To make this more baffling, I was at home when it was supposedly delivered.  I checked its status this morning, an hour after it was delivered somewhere near my building.  So if it was delivered to my door, it went missing within an hour.

So if DHL are to believed, somebody has a $200 parcel worth of the nerdiest nerdcrap (including an untranslated New Testament).

DHL have informed me that it’s not their problem.  This seems rather odd given that I feel like I’ve paid them to perform a particular task (ensure that I receive a parcel) which they don’t seem to have done.

Ah, well.  It’s a shame that my experiment with DHL was so expensive and disappointing.

EDIT: The parcel was found (with no help from DHL).  It had been delivered to the incorrect address.

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