Is it in your genes? I don’t know… the as promised nerdshit post

You’re right.  This whimsical and almost entirely self indulgent blog has become a bit bogged down in the political quagmire.  While it is fun to point out the poverty of political commentary amongst us lowly blogging classes —

— for example, we have a show in Australia called Q&A.  It’s fluff rubbish for those with pretensions of being politically savvy and some people take it far too seriously (ahem).  For the rest of us, it’s a hilarious platform for watching various politicians meltdown (usually Greens; one of whom was brought close to tears when the panel and the audience rapidly turned on her; another of whom tactlessly ripped into a homosexual senator for being politically pragmatic, and then went on to lose her shit after being trolled by an audience member).  And then people interpret it according to their already fairly obvious biases.  Oh, but next week’s is going to be awesome because Barnaby Joyce will almost certainly descend into quackery.  I’m amazed Abbott let him near a camera. —

— it gets a bit insular.  Thus, nerdshit breaks the monotony and gives me something trivial to discuss.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much that’s nerdy.  Unlike just about everybody else in the universe, I couldn’t get excited about Starcraft II.  I tried.  I really tried.  Nothing.

On the other hand, I’m awfully excited about the upcoming Zelda game.  It’s planned to come out some time in 2011 and looks radtacular.  Why does it look radtacular?  Because it looks like a tweaked up version of the previous Zelda game, which was radtacular.

Okay, while it’s true that the ‘culture industry not so much adapts to the reactions of its customers as it counterfeits them’, it’s hard for me not to get excited about another instalment of something I know so well.  Each sequel to a game is just an adaptation of the original game.  While some people dismiss this as a lack of originality, I wonder what it is about a lack of originality which demands dismissal.  Plenty of things are unoriginal and yet many of these things are beautiful.  We have a lot of difficulty with this concept in modern culture: working within a framework isn’t a failing.  Just about all modern poetry is utterly rubbish because most of our most prominent poets reject the formalities.

And so that’s why I’m excited.  I know what the overall story will be — boy needs to rescue world from ancient evil by collecting things from dungeons — and yet the exploration of the world and the solving of new puzzles represents a challenge.

In other news, here are things you should see/do:

  • Bill Bailey in concert.  It wasn’t one of his best shows, but it was still a huge amount of fun.
  • Inception.  My only criticism is that they turned up the music when the dialogue was getting boring.  I missed half the explanations of the world around them because the soundtrack was too loud.
  • Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells.  Despite the literal meaning of the lyrics, its such a happy song.  Mmmmm… happiness.

Author: Mark Fletcher

Mark Fletcher is a Canberra-based PhD student, writer, and policy wonk who writes about law, conservatism, atheism, and popular culture. Read his blog at OnlyTheSangfroid. He tweets at @ClothedVillainy

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