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Nobody raise your voices. Just another night in Nantes… with literary blogs

Interpretation is a wonderful thing.  Over on Gabe’s blog (which every person on the blogonerd should read because it is awesome), he predominately views things from the perspective of the mechanics of language.  It’s something which is often ignored in popular circles because it’s difficult.  I don’t like reading a lot of popular modern poetry because it lacks the technical brilliance I enjoy.

Meanwhile, over on ClitLit (which you should also read regularly), the focus is on (rather good) gendered interpretation.  It’s something which nearly every popular circle does because it’s so easy to fake (and I have horrible flashbacks to undergrad pseudointellectuals trying desperately to ingratiate themselves with female classmates with pop philosophy… shudder).  Gendered interpretation is difficult and challenging, with few blogs doing it well.

Which brings us to topical news!  For those of you who don’t care about such things, a $25,000 prize was given to a chap for this:

Proposal for Landscaped Cosmos

This has upset a number of people.  Much of this is due to the striking similarity between this picture and another piece:

Boatman Moored on the Shore of a Lake

For my part, I think it’s gifted.  The title captures the brilliance of what’s happened (the proposal is for a lack of settlement).  On the other hand, this would have worked better if the original piece were better known.  Generally, I fear that the ‘give the money back’ sentiment is sour grapes.

One response to “Nobody raise your voices. Just another night in Nantes… with literary blogs”

  1. It looks like he basically copied the painting but if he won the prize then his copy must have been better then the others originals.

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